The economic news calendar allows you to track events in economic life and predict changes in the exchange rate based on them. The calendar will be useful not only for traders who trade on the news, but also for those who prefer technical analysis. By tracking news that has a significant impact on the change in exchange rates, a trader using technical analysis will be able to take into account a significant increase in the volatility of the instrument in his strategy.

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by

The calendar contains the following data:

  1. 1. News publication time;
  2. 2. Currency of the country to which the news belongs;
  3. 3. Importance - the degree to which the news affects the market;
  4. 4. News text;
  5. 5. Actual (current) value;/li>
  6. 6. Predicted value;
  7. 7. Previous value.

How to interpret and use the data:

  1. Pay attention to the currency of the country and the time of publication. Having this information, the trader can decide when to trade, and when it may not be worth opening a position on the instrument.
  2. Look at the level of importance of the news - the higher the level, the more significant the expected impact of the news on the market.
  3. Analyze the previous, predicted and actual value:
    • The difference between the actual value and the predicted value means possible volatility for the selected currency
    • The greater the difference between the values, the greater the volatility

Note! The information presented in the economic calendar is general information. The published data should not be taken as recommendations for transactions.